Warranty Information

Thank you for choosing to purchase a trailer by Homesteader Inc., a product in which design and construction have received the care that quality demands. This warranty covers many important items and is indicative of our desire to stand behind our products and assure our customers complete satisfaction. Homesteader, Inc., whose name appears on your “Certificate of Origin” (Homesteader Inc.) warrants to the original owner that your Homesteader trailer will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of three (3) years except as herein limited, from the date of the first retail purchase provided all stated conditions and exclusions are met and satisfied. The obligation of this warranty shall be limited to replacing any part or parts which, in the opinion of the factory are defective in materials or workmanship under normal use and service during the three (3) year period commencing with the date of the first retail purchase. Electrical components, lights, mechanical jacks, fiberglass, doors, sealants, seals, locks, couplers, and paint are warranted for a one (1) year period from the date of the first retail purchase, subject to the limitations contained in this limited warranty.



A warranty registration certificate is attached. You must fill out and mail this certificate to the factory within ten (10) days after purchase of the trailer. This purchaser record is required by federal law. Failure to fill out and return this warranty registration certificate within the above period will automatically void the warranty.



  • Warranty repairs are made at the Homesteader factory. In certain cases, the Homesteader factory may, at its option, elect to have warranty work performed in the field by a qualified repair shop.
  • All warranty requests must be presented to your authorized Homesteader dealer and proper arrangements must be made and approved by the factory prior to any work being done. This is to insure your local dealer’s personal interest in your complete satisfaction. If service becomes necessary as you are traveling or following a move, service under this warranty may be done by any authorized dealer in the United States. Such services should be scheduled by an appointment in order to avoid possible delays.
  • Homesteader reserves the right to change the parts and design of its Trailers from time to time without notice and with no obligation to maintain spare parts or make corresponding changes in its product previously manufactured.
  • Homesteader reserves the right to require a deposit for repairs of its Trailers which are to be repaired.
  • Homesteader will not be obligated in any way to pay for repairs made without specific approval in advance, repairs made in any manner other than that approved by Homesteader, labor charges in excess of those deemed reasonable by Homesteader or any parts, bills in excess of the cost if Homesteader had supplied those parts. Labor and parts charges for any covered warranty work are limited to the amount charged by Homesteader for such labor and/or parts.
  • Except as described in this limited warranty, Homesteader will not pay any other charge or expenses including, without implied limitation, any charges for overtime labor, service calls, towing charges or transportation costs. Such charges or expenses are the responsibility of the customer and will not be paid for by Homesteader.


  • Items covered by another warranty. Any claims on items that are covered by their manufacturer’s warranty must be presented to those manufacturers for adjustment. The following items would be subject to the manufacturer’s warranty, but not limited to:
    • Axles and axle components including, without implied limitation, tow in/tow out and camber on axles.
    • Tires: present a claim for tire adjustments to a tire dealer who handles the brand in question and is authorized to make the adjustments.
    • Rims
    • Roof Material
    • Plywood
    • Adhesives and Sealants
  • Tow vehicle wiring
  • Damage or wear caused by unreasonable use or failure to provide reasonable and necessary repairs or maintenance.
  • Homesteader will not be responsible for work performed or options installed by others. Customer will be charged for any labor, material, or parts resulting from work performed or options installed by others, including without implied limitation: a. Graphics b. Interiors
  • Damage or defects resulting from or repairs required because of misuse including, but not limited to, overloading (as determined by the gross vehicle weight rating and not payload capacity as shown on the vehicle identification label), improper loading, negligence, alteration, accident, act of nature, or lack of reasonable and proper maintenance. Warrantor expressly disclaims any responsibility or damage to the trim and appearance of items located in or on the unit where damage is due to condensation, normal wear and tear or exposure to the elements.
  • The Warrantor further makes no warranty with regard to any product used as a rental unit
  • Any product not registered and normally used in the United States or Canada.
  • Replacement of maintenance items that are worn out from normal use, including but not limited to bearings, magnets and brake shoes.
  • Deterioration of paint and appearance due to use and exposure.
  • Damages caused by loose or improperly torqued lug nuts.
  • Damages caused by the use of an incorrect or altered hitch ball or improper latching.
  • Damages caused by loose nuts, bolts or screws. Maintaining necessary tightness of these items is the owner’s responsibility.
  • Loss of time, lodging expense, food, entertainment, inconvenience, loss of use of trailer, rental of substitute equipment, lost revenues, freight or towing cost to repair facility, or other commercial loss.
  • Trailers towed by a vehicle with a greater than one (1) ton classification.
  • Trailers towed by a vehicle whose towing capacity is less than the trailers GVWR.

Any expressed or implied warranty not provided herein, including without implied limitation, any warranties or merchant-ability of fitness for a particular purpose, and any remedy for breach of contract, which but this provision might arise by implication of operation of law, are hereby excluded and disclaimed. If they cannot be disclaimed, any implied warranties of merchant-ability and of fitness for any particular purpose are expressly limited to a term of one (1) year. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Under no circumstances shall Homesteader be liable to purchaser or any other person for any special, incidental or consequential damages, whether arising out of breach of warranty, breach of contract, tort or otherwise. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Not withstanding anything to the contrary herein, this limited warranty is limited to repair or replacement and if such warranty fails because attempts at repair are not completed within a reasonable time, or it fails for any other reason, any damages are limited to the lesser or either the cost of needed repairs of reduction in the market value of the trailer caused by the lack of repairs, in any case.

The factory neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to give any other warranty or to assume on its behalf any other obligation or liability. This warranty is non-transferable from original owner.